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Surgical Career

Education and Career

Born and grew up in Pieterlen near Bern, Switzerland
Apprenticeship as a mechanic in Bern
1973 Gymnasium (academic secondary school) and school-leaving exams in Bern
1973–1979 Medical studies and qualification as a medical practitioner
1982 Dissertation and PhD as a doctor of medicine
1980–1985 Residency at the Zieglerspital hospital (Bern) and at the Universitäts-Inselspital hospital (Bern)
1985 Member of the FMH Association (surgery)
1985–1986 Consultant at the Clinic for Visceral Surgery at the Universitäts-Inselspital hospital (Bern)
1986–1987 Fellow of Liver and Transplant Surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, USA
1988–1992 Representative of the clinic director at the Clinic for Visceral and Transplant Surgery at the Freie Universität Berlin [Free University of Berlin]
since 1989 Habilitation and qualification as a university lecturer [Privatdozent]
1992 Return to Bern as a private surgeon
since 1992 Set-up of a team for visceral surgery at the Klinik Beau-Site in Bern
since 2012 Founded the Centre for Bariatric Surgery
Lives in Bern, married with four children


Dr. med. Jörg Zehetner
Professor (USC)
MMM, FACS, FEBS (hon.)

PD Dr. med. Rudolf Steffen

Facharzt FMH für Chirurgie

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CH-3013 Bern

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